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The young girl on the right hand side of the picture was suffering from constant headaches for almost four months. She asked us to pray for her during our Saturday evening service. During our Sunday morning service she testified that she slept right through the night for the first time in four months and that the Lord healed her completely.

We are serving a GREAT WONDERFUL God. He is still the same yesterday, today and forever.
This young man in his early twenties was addicted to dagga. Two of his friends brought him to us to pray for him.
After praying and ministering to them they accepted Jesus as their personal savior. I ask them to go back home and start a small prayer group. After they left I thought that I’ve given them an almost impossible task. How on earth will these three young men went back home and start a prayer group. The next day we went to a waterfall about 5km’s away. On our way back to our base, via a different route, a woman shouted at us to come and pray for her. When we got at her house she invited us in. As we enter her house I saw the young man who was addicted to dagga lying on his bed. Since the previous afternoon when he got home his mother was reading from the Bible and praying over him right through the night. She started a home cell. He stopped smoking dagga and is now working for the government building roads. We also gave them a new Bible.
Many miracles took place during our outreaches. Many people with back pains were healed after praying for them. There legs grew, some almost an inch. Through these miracles many people believed and accepted Jesus as their personal savior. We are giving God all the glory.