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Mat 25:40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, In as much as ye
Have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

If you ride or walk through the streets of Worcester and I believe through the meager cities of the world at night you will find many homeless people sleeping on the pavements and in the parks. You ask yourself what went wrong. Why are these people on the streets and not at home? If you sit down and ask them what is the reason why they end up the way they did they will tell you through circumstances and wrong decisions they have made. Each and everyone have a different story. One can write books about all the different stories. If you take a moment and think about your live you will realize that it is through grace and grace alone that you did not end up like these people.

When I did my two year military service I hitch hike several time to get home and back to the base camp. We too had to face the cold and rain but it were just for a night or two at a time but these people must face it every day of their live.

We want to start a shelter to get the people out of the cold at night and to protect them from all the dangers they must face. At the moment we are looking for a place for the shelter. We have a place in mind. I had a meeting with the mayor of Worcester and he is 100% behind us. He also will put in a word for us at his friend which is the owners of the building. We will update the website as we progress.

The shelter will run from 7pm until 7am. The doors of the shelter will be opened at 7pm. We will close the doors at 8pm where after we will give the people something to eat. Nobody will leave the place during the night. We want to prevent people coming in just to eat. The place is for the homeless and we want to help them. After supper they will get the change to wash and to get a bed to sleep on. They will first use there old blankets. If they are clean and we are sure that they are starting to look after their own hygiene they can get new clean blankets. We will minister to them before they go to sleep. 6am the doors will be opened and by 7am the place must be empty to clean. During the day my wife and I want to sit down with the people on an one on one bases and find out why they became homeless. We will counsel them with the help of the Holy Spirit help them to become the person God intended them to be. We will then contact Social development and the social workers to get them back to there families. 

Please pray for us. Pray that the Lord will open doors for us. That we will get the right place and also the right people to help us run and manage the shelter.
Please help us to make a difference in these people’s lives.

If you want to contact us and get involved by praying for us or help R.A.M. financially feel free to contact us. Our contact information is on the contact page.